past award "winners"

E. D. Hill of Fox "News" shows Obama how to wear the flag!
E.D.Hill Obama pin obamanation
Lets call this side fair! ... and this side balanced!

E. D. Hill of "Fox News" grabs a Kitty Corporate award!

Bill Wolff of MSNBC gets a Kitty for his passionate Britney coverage
Bill Wolff Kitty Copporate award winner.
What else is there to say Bill?

Heidi Collins of CNN  get's a Kitty for kicking off the media noose craze
Heidi Collins is this weeks 's Kitty Corporate

Anybody who can "make" a noose can make the news, but it takes a real kitty to make the news purr!

Some folks see a moron with a noose ... other folks record the images ... then other folks write something down
... Kitty Corporate sits by the picture and reads the "Big NEWS".

Golly gee Kitty, is it noose worthy?!